Nearby Beach to a Perfect Vacation Rental: Coast Guard Beach

Coast Guard Beach

Coast Guard HQ

Coast Guard Beach is named after the old Coast Guard lifesaving rescue center that stood there. It is 2 miles south of Nauset Light Beach and like that one, is managed by the US Parks, Cape Cod National Seashore. It is noted for the extensive and scenic salt marshes and trails. Seals frequently gather here.

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Mayflower Landfal

On November 9, 1620, a ship named the Mayflower, 65 days out from Plymouth, England, made her landfall in the New World at what is now Coast Guard Beach. Captain Jones, knowing that his Pilgrim passengers were supposed to settle in northern Virginia, headed southeastward. Although he stood well offshore to avoid shoal waters, his ship soon became enmeshed in the worst shoals in the area, Pollock Rip. A miraculous change of wind enabled Jones to sail his ship free of the shoals, and he then turned northward to anchor in Provincetown Harbor, November 11, 1620. From

the beach