Nauset Light Beach & Marconi Beach on Cape Cod, MA

1. Nauset Light Beach

Nauset Light Beach

Nauset Light Beach is a national seashore, managed by the federal government. It's part of the Cape Cod National Seashore.Though there is no charge for entering or swimming, there is a parking fee of $10/day. It is an easy bicycle ride from the house but a long walk,There is a bathhouse then a steep set of steps down to the beach itself. Don't confuse this with regular old Nauset Beach, which is run by the Town of Orleans about 8 miles away. For about 70 years the beach was where the Trans-Atlantic telegraph cable came ashore and there was a manned relay station there.

2. Marconi Beach

Marconi Beach

This is the place where Marconi, the inventor of radio, transmitted the first Trans Atlantic radio message, taking advantage of the same high bluff over looking the ocean all the way to Europe. It was a sight of a military base in World War 2, Camp Wellfleet. It is north of the house along the bike trail towards Wellfleet. It is managed by the federal government as part of the Cape Cod National Seashore. It offers similar facilities as Nauset Light Beach too.